Ubaya takes superfoods to the next level, offering maximum nutritional benefits with minimal calories in delicious products. Our products are vegan and gluten-free to ensure that everyone can enjoy tasty and healthy recipes.

Hydrated Tapioca 500g

Tapioca is a starch from the cassava plant. It is used in puddings, noodles, bread, and other food products. Tapioca is used orally as a food source, food thickener, and for controlling blood sugar. The hydrated tapioca is a practical way to prepare crepes without having to go through the trouble of adding water and sieving it.

Ubaya Passion Fruit w/ Seed 454g

Ubaya Passion Fruit pulp with seeds tastes just like the whole fruit- Guaranteed! Our passion fruit grows in Brazil, where the rich soils produce some of the best, most flavourful fruits in the world.

Ubaya Organic Acai Powder 100g

Ubaya acai power is a great and effective way of preparing an acai bowl or smotthie, maintaining quality and preserving all the active compounds of the fruit. A must -have if you are into sports!

Ubaya Organic Grape Juice 1L

Made with American grapes from family cutivation, Ubaya Organic Grape juice is the ideal juice to be present on the family table. Nutritious, pasty and healthy, with no added sugar, preservatives or dyes.

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